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Meet Our Team


Sergeant Hope

Dallas, Texas

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Sergeant Johnson

Houston, Texas

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Corporal Scott

DMV Metro

Our Philosophy

The Titan Protective Service philosophy is;

 To ensure that every client is provided with a 5 star caliber service regardless the size of the event or business. We strive to provide a safe atmosphere and great customer service all while maintaining a presence that is the best in this industry. TPS employs officers with prior security, military or police experience making a diversified base of staff that is capable of handling any situation.


What it means to be Secured by the Best

Titan Protective Services was birthed from a desire to help and serve. We did not want to model ourselves like any other company, but rather create a path that shows our services are the best in the industry. Our outlook is that security is a much needed service in today's world. Whether the need is for unarmed, armed or bodyguards; all of our officers are highly skilled and trained individuals who will be relentless in their efforts to keep you safe.

Businesses That Work With Us 

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